About me

Stephanie Lomas's degree in electronics and communications placed her with one of the leading technology companies right out of college.

Stephanie Lomas

She has been a denizen of the startup ecosystem for almost a decade, with an immense experience in various fields and technologies. From artificial intelligence and machine learning to automation, analytics, and more, Stephanie has aligned herself with the best of startups across the globe in the capacity of a digital marketer. It eventually led to her founding Success Step to be able to give a 100% to each product that she was getting aligned with. Today, Stephanie is one of the industry’s top B2B inbound marketers with proven experience in the e-commerce and retail segments.

Instead of benchmarking Success Steps against other agencies or chasing revenue goals, Stephanie has always focused on the quality and authenticity of service. She didn’t strive to become the jack of all trades but decided to stick to the content marketing specialist. She nurtured Success Steps as a B2B inbound marketing agency. Her sheer focus on SAAS products enabled her company to earn a reputation as an authority in the B2B category.

She has recently started giving motivational speeches to budding entrepreneurs. Stephanie Lomas suggests not to let the success and pace of others define yours. She believes in doing what you do best and what you are comfortable with. According to her, one needs to decide the pace and scale you want to grow at.